Hello, Families of Velocity Dance Center:

This year our show was recorded by DRC Video Productions, and it’s being distributed on DanceBUG.com. The following information below was prepared by DRC Video to help explain the DanceBUG service.

How does DanceBUG work?
Using DanceBUG.com for your videos allows you the freedom to view your video anywhere, anytime. Watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart TV, etc. You can use the website on any device with your internet browser. Download our iOS or Android app to view your content from your smartphone and check out our Roku channel to stream on your television! DanceBUG also allows shared family accounts as well as playlist functionality.

How to Access Your Media:

  1. Go to DanceBUG.com
  2. Log in with your email or click “Create an Account”
  3. On your homepage, click “Add Videos/Photos”
  4. Enter this Access Code in the space provided: email support@dancebug.com if you lost your code
  5. Enjoy your videos anytime, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device

Sharing DanceBUG Videos with Friends and Family:
Each family at the studio can use the code ONCE! If you would like to share your account with friends and family, click the “My Account” and then select “Users.” The “Users and Passwords” section will allow you to add family members’ emails for access to your account with their username and password. When one user redeems access to content, all users on the account will be able to see it.

Need Something Else?
Please see the attached Frequently Asked Questions flyer for more info. For questions and assistance, please contact us at support@dancebug.com