Velocity Dance Center

Our Faculty

Ms. Meghan

Ms. Meghan

Founder & CEO , Jazz and Company

Ms. Meghan is the founder and CEO of VDC, which is now in its 17th season! She has a degree in Dance Management from Oklahoma City University and is a member of More Than Just Great Dancing®. A self-described “personal development junkie,” Ms. Meghan is an alumna of Darren Hardy’s High Performance Forum and Business Master Class.  Meghan loves coaching other business leaders and presenting at events both locally and nationally. Meghan is certified coach for More Than Just Great Dancing and is a certified facilitator of Patrick Lencioni’s Working Genius Model. Her favorite thing about the VDC community is seeing all the great friendships that develop and is now enjoying former students bringing their littles back to the VDC community! Ms. Meghan loves that she gets to serve this fabulous community of parents, students, and staff.

From Ms. Meghan: “I love getting to see our community continue to grow together each year. The best part of the studio is being able to share in both small and large parts of our dancers life, both in the studio and beyond.”

Four Fun Facts about her:

  • – Meghan’s favorite vacation spot is Disney World
  • – Her favorite colors are pink, navy, and teal
  • – She danced in Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami, FL with KISS 
  • – Her favorite snack is almost anything salty
Ms. Courtney

Ms. Courtney

Director of Operations, Company Director Teachers Jazz, Ballet, and Company

Ms. Courtney has been teaching with VDC for fourteen years, working with classes of all ages as well as being the director of our company team. Courtney grew up in the greater OKC metro dancing all the way through college starting at Karen’s Kids as a competition dancer and then earned her degree in Dance Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma and also studied Dance Education. Ms. Courtney previously performed professionally and enjoyed a stint as a magician’s assistant! She holds her K-12 teaching certificate in the state of Oklahoma and spent eight years as a public educator. Ms Courtney is now a MTJGD Certified Coach helping studios around the country raise leaders! One of the things she loves most about VDC is that the teachers and staff make an effort to invest in each student as a whole person, not just as dancers. Whether at VDC or not, Ms. Courtney is almost never without her four legged shadow Birdie!

From Ms. Courtney: “I love sharing my knowledge of dance and how the body works. I think it’s so important that dancers see that their bodies are always capable of more, no matter what obstacles are present.”

Four Fun Facts about her:

  • – She can quote just about any 90s or early 2000s Disney movie
  • – Her favorite color is purple
  • – She was a sideline dancers for the Arena Football Team ‘The Yard Dawgs’
  • – Her favorite treat is Milk Duds
Ms. Ria

Ms. Ria

Champion of Classroom Experiences Teaches Ballet, Progressing Ballet Technique and Company

Ms. Ria is going into her 11th season teaching at Velocity. She teaches Company ballet classes as well as Progressing Ballet Technique, Pre-Pointe, and Pointe.  She graduated from Friends University in Wichita, KS. with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance. Ms. Ria danced with Midwest Regional Ballet in Joplin, Missouri, where she performed principal and soloist roles and served as Ballet Mistress. She also enjoyed a performance career with Sesame Street Live, touring nationally and internationally. One of her favorite parts about working at VDC is the sense of family the studio offers and the opportunities she has to get to know so many wonderful dancers and parents.

From Ms. Ria: “I love sharing the joy of dancing with my students and watching those “lightbulb” moments happen when something finally clicks. I love the time I can spend with my students and am so grateful for the parents who allow us to share in their kids’ lives.”

Four Fun Facts about her:

  • – She has two cats named Wednesday and Lestat
  • – Her favorite colors are purple and blue
  • – Her current favorite restaurant is Vitto’s Ristorante
  • – Her favorite place she’s visited is Maui.
Ms. Yukino

Ms. Yukino

Teaches Ballet and Company

Ms. Yukino is an instructor for VDC’s ballet classes and the dance company, and she’s been teaching at VDC for 17 years! Ms. Yukino began dancing at the age of five when she lived in San Francisco and started studying ballet at age 13. She later became a member of the Mid-Columbia Ballet Company in Richland, Washington. Ms. Yukino has a degree in Dance Performance from Oklahoma City University, where she was a member of the American Spirit Dance Company and OCU Pep Dancers. She loves that VDC has created a family-like atmosphere, where dancers are growing through life together.

From Ms. Yukino: “As a teacher, I love seeing when a movement or concept clicks for a dancer. It’s not just a sense of accomplishment for the student; they realize their growth and potential! It’s such a special opportunity to share and participate in.”

Four Fun Facts about her:

  • – Lived overseas when she was a child
  • – Her favorite color is green
  • – Ms. Yukino’s dad is the reason she started dancing
  • – She will never turn down a Diet Dr. Pepper
Ms. Sarah

Ms. Sarah

Teaches Tap and Company

Ms. Sarah is in her fifth  year at VDC!  She is a graduate of Oklahoma City University with a BFA in Dance Performance.  Ms. Sarah favorite dance style that she is most passionate about is tap.  She is a two-time World Tap Dance Champion as a soloist as well as a multi-year world champion with the American tap dance team.  She has studied with notable names like Savion Glover, Mike Minery, Tommy Tune, Henry LeTang, and many more! Something she loves about VDC is its family culture, and she appreciates getting to share her joy for dance with VDC students.

From Ms. Sarah: “My favorite thing about teaching is watching my students learn and master new steps or techniques that they once struggled with. The look of joy and sense of accomplishment is something you can’t replicate.”

Four Fun Facts about her:

  • – She loves Lady Gaga, hair, and baseball!
  • – Her favorite color is pink
  • – Her favorite snack is gummy worms. 
  • – You will never see her without a Diet Coke.
Ms. Kelli

Ms. Kelli

Teaches Dance With Me, Dance N Learn, Leap N Learn, Hippity Hop

Ms. Kelli has been at VDC for 3 years as staff, but a member of the VDC family for 16 years, watching her two daughters dance. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from OCU and has been teaching for 20 years! Ms. Kelli has been dancing since she was four years old and still loves it to this day! Her favorite part of being a teacher, at the studio or in her classroom, is seeing the lightbulb click when a child understands what they are learning! Ms. Kelli teaches Dance with me, Dance and Learn, Preschool Leap and Learn, K/1st Leap and Learn and K/1 Hippity Hop. 

From Ms. Kelli: “I have loved watching Briley and Addison grow up at VDC, not just as dancers but now as staff.”

Four Fun Facts about her:

  • – She loves flamingos
  • I love Disney and wish I could go more. 
  • – Her favorite colors are pink and teal
  • – Her favorite foods are brownies or nachos, and she loves cold-caramel macchiatos or hot- white chocolate mochas from Starbucks
Ms. Briley

Ms. Briley

Teaches Leap N Learn, Ballet, Hippity Hop, Tap, Company

Ms. Briley is starting her 4th year as a teacher with VDC. She is attending UCO and majoring in Speech-Language Pathology! Ms. Briley graduated from Deer Creek High School in 2020. She has danced for the past 18 years and was a member of VDC’s competitive team for eight years. Ms. Briley loves watching the children succeed, overcome obstacles, grow into young performers, and create lifelong friendships.

From Ms. Briley: “My favorite memories with VDC include the events that occur outside of the studio such as Chester’s Party Barn, roller skating night, and fundraiser nights. I love seeing the kids outside of the studio just as much as in the studio!”

Four Fun Facts about her:

  • She loves going to Disney with friends and family 
  • She is the president of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. 
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her favorite foods are sushi and chicken Alfredo.
Miss Liz

Miss Liz

Teaches Jazz and Company

Ms. Liz is starting her second year as a VDC instructor! She currently teaches company and academy jazz classes. Ms. Liz began her dance training at the age of three. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education and performed in various showcases and festivals while in attendance. She currently holds a K-12 Teaching Certificate and also teaches dance at a middle school in Oklahoma City, where she was elected Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 school year. Her training includes ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, modern and lyrical. Ms. Liz loves being a part of the VDC family!

From Ms. Liz: “One of my favorite things about teaching dance is seeing the growth in students as they progress, not just in technique, but in their confidence and self-expression!”

Four fun facts about her:

  • She loves to travel with her husband and one of her favorite travel memories is scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef!
  • She loves animals, especially her cat, Penny, and dog, Phoebe.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • She loves tacos and any kind of caramel or cinnamon coffee!
Ms. Sloan

Ms. Sloan

Leap N Learn, Jazz, Tap, Cheer and Tumble

Ms. Sloan  is starting her second year as a VDC instructor! She currently teaches Leap and Learn, Hippity Hop, and Cheer and Tumble. Ms. Sloan began her dance training at the age of four. She graduated St. Gregory’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education and Performance. At SGU she was a part of the Spirit and Sole Dance Company. Ms. Sloan also obtained her Masters Degree in School Counseling and she is a counselor at a middle school in Oklahoma City. Her training includes ballet, pointe, tap, clogging, jazz, modern and lyrical. Ms. Sloan is grateful to continue her passion for dance at Velocity!

From Ms. Sloan: “Teaching at Velocity is such a blessing! I get to share my love of dance and my students grow throughout the year in so many ways.” 

Four fun facts about her:

-Her name is from the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

-Her favorite colors are pink, gray, and gold

-She is addicted to ice coffee

-She loves sour candy

Ms. Ashley

Ms. Ashley

Customer Care Manager

Ms. Ashley is VDC’s Customer Care Manager, and she’s been working at VDC for 17 years. She grew up dancing at Dance Innovations with Susan Webb. In addition to her work at VDC, Ms. Ashley also assists in the office at Speech Pathway, a local Speech-Pathology practice. She enjoys being a part of the VDC team because everyone on staff is so invested in the students’ growth and wants to provide an excellent experience for their families.

From Ms. Ashley: “I love working at the front desk at VDC and watching the kids grow from year to year! The family atmosphere we have at Velocity is truly the best.”

Four Fun Facts about her:

– Her favorite part of the day is interacting with VDC’s students

– Her favorite colors are teal and yellow

– She loves Texas Roadhouse

– She loves caramel macchiatos from Starbucks—hot or cold!

Ms. Camryn

Ms. Camryn

Customer Care Teachers Leap N Learn, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Company

Ms. Camryn is in her first year of teaching with VDC and is over the moon excited to start this new journey. She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Dance Management. During her time at OCU she performed with the American Spirit Dance Company, Star Dance Company and the OCU pep dancers. Camryn has always loved dance and started out with hip hop when she was 11 years old. She loves the warm sense of community and family that VDC has to offer. 

From Ms. Camryn: “Velocity is an amazing place to work not only because of the great faculty but the fabulous kids as well! The best part of teaching is being able to put a smile on the students face!” 

Four fun facts about her:

  • Her favorite food is pasta! (any and all)
  • She has a cat named Freddie, after Freddie Mercury
  • She loves coffee from any coffee place
  • She is very afraid of birds
Ms. Emma

Ms. Emma

Teaches Leap N Learn, Hippity Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Company

Emma is from Appleton Wisconsin, She began dancing when she was two, and participated within the dance convention and competition world. Although she started with ballet and tap her love for dance expanded pushing her to explore many other styles such as jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. She attended Oklahoma City University, and received a Bachelors of Performing Arts. This is her first season working with Velocity Dance Center! She is teaching Leap N’ Learn, Hippity Hop, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary.

From Ms. Emma: “I am honored to be a teacher working for Velocity. Everyone truly cares about the students, and giving them a tailored dance education, as well as valuable life lessons!”

Four fun facts about her:

  • I love any cheese.
  • I have two sibling orange cats named Fred, and Maki.
  • Many people know me as “Frog”
  • In my freetime I play video games.
Ms. Mya

Ms. Mya

Customer Care Teachers Leap N Learn, Jazz, Tap

Ms. Mya is starting her first year teaching and VDC! She is currently teaching Leap n Learn , Jazz and Tap. Although this is her first year teaching,  she previously danced at velocity for 11 years and was an assistant teacher for 7 years. Outside of Teaching at velocity she is currently pursuing a career as a real estate agent and working at a Mother’s day out program.

From Ms. Mya: “I love getting to see the connections and friendships being made around the studio not just the dancers but parents and teachers as well. It makes Velocity pretty special .”

Four Fun Facts about her:

– Her Favorite dance style is TAP

– Her favorite color is Pink ! 

– She loves to travel to Branson

– Her Favorite drink from Starbucks is a Vanilla latte !