We Teach A Variety of Dance Styles

Types of Dance to Get Bodies Moving in Oklahoma City

At Velocity Dance Center, we teach ten types of dance styles. No matter your child's age or the kind of dance, every student receives the same level of attention and the chance to shine. We work hard to make sure that our dance students get the most out of their dance experience.

Dance With Me - Age 2

Velocity Dance Center has designed this class for toddlers who love to move. In a fun environment, your child will develop fine and gross motor skills through the use of music, dance, and finger play. We ask you to participate with your child and encourage them throughout the class

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Leap 'N Learn Ballet - Ages 3-8

Developed by master teacher  Beverly Spell and child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell, Leap ‘N Learn is an early childhood dance program that teaches ballet to children. This program capitalizes on a child’s naturally occurring cognitive and neural development and encourages pretend play in a positive, nurturing environment. Through Leap ‘N Learn, your child will develop motor, cognitive, and social skills as well as love – or appreciation – for ballet. This type of dance class is appropriate for children ages three to eight.

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Ballet for Preschoolers | Ballet for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

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Tap - Ages 4-18

Tap dancing is a type of dance that uses the sounds of tap shoes hitting the floor as a form of percussion. During Velocity tap classes, students will learn rhythm patterns, fundamental steps, and syncopation. Our tap dance classes focus on a variety of tap genres and music.

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Jazz - Ages 6-18

Jazz dancing is a type of dance style with roots in classical ballet, modern dance, and some traditional African dance. Our jazz classes focus on strength, flexibility, and movements like leaps, kicks, and turns. Students will dance to conventional Broadway-style numbers as well as some of the more current forms like lyrical jazz and more.

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Jazz Dance for 2nd-3rd Grade.

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Hip Hop - Ages 6-18

For our smallest dancers in the three to five age group, we introduce hip-hop in a special hippity-hop dance class. In these high-energy classes, your child will learn rhythms, body movements, and simple choreography. They will explore their creativity and enhance their strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Regular hip-hop classes start when your child turns six years old. During these classes, your child will learn the different types of movements like popping, locking, and breaking that are typical of the street dance style. We also encourage students to freestyle, which allows them to develop their technique.

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Ballet - Ages 8-18

From plie to saute, ballet is an artistic type of dance with precise positions and movements. Students will learn all the positions of the arms and feet as well as other skills. Instructors will teach barre, center work, and progressions across the floor with an emphasis on proper body alignment, coordination, and rotation. For advanced dancers, we offer pointe classes.

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Velocity Dance Team Company - Ages 5-18

The Velocity Dance Team has over 60 dancers from the Center who love to dance and compete. Once a year, we hold an open audition for which dancers compete for open spots. Our team enters in up to three competitions each season and performs at additional shows like the Oklahoma State Fair and the Festival of the Arts.

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Try a Free Dance Class

Help your child experience the joy of dance with a free dance class. While our Center is in Oklahoma City, we have students from Mustang, Piedmont, Edmond, Yukon, and beyond.

Ready to enroll your child? If so, visit the class schedule page, then enroll online. If you need help picking the right dance classes for toddlers, contact us, and let our instructors help you choose the right class based on your child’s interest.

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