A Dance Studio Offering Ballet for Kindergarten, First Grade Students, & More

Ballet Classes for Beginners Provide a Strong Foundation

We frequently hear this question from parents: “What is the best age to enroll my child in ballet classes for beginners?” One of the best ages to start ballet is when your child is four or five years old. At Velocity Dance Center in Oklahoma City, we offer beginning ballet classes through our Leap ‘N Learn program. This early childhood dance program makes the most of a child’s naturally occurring cognitive and neural development. Developed by experts, the classes are fun and encourage pretend play in a nurturing, positive environment.

Through this program, children develop a foundation for more serious ballet training that starts between ages eight and ten. At this time, the body is strong enough for more strenuous technique.

Why Choose Leap ‘N Learn Ballet for Beginners

While our Leap ‘N Learn program starts at age three, the second-level class is an excellent starting point for children who have never danced. Developed by child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell and master teacher Beverly Spell, it’s designed so new kids can enter confidently, and returning dancers can continue learning.

A benefit of the Leap ‘N Learn program’s holistic approach is that it teaches the following:

  • Basic ballet positions and movements
  • Musical awareness
  • Balance, coordination, and motor skills
  • Following directions and listening
  • Social skills

What Our Ballet Classes for Beginners Are Like

Our Leap ‘N Learn ballet classes for beginners are 45 minutes and have six to 15 students. Because our dance teachers have trained in the Leap ‘N Learn curriculum, they are skilled at balancing ballet techniques, creative expressions, and child development psychology. At Velocity Dance Center, we love seeing how the students develop through dance. It’s an exciting transformation!

Students are expected to be in the dress code for every class. For beginning ballet classes, we expect children to wear:

  • Tights (girls) – convertible or footed pink or skin-toned worn over the feet in shoes.
  • Attiregirls wear a solid lavender leotard with no skirt; boys wear a black or white t-shirt with black jazz pants or basketball shorts.
  • Shoesgirls wear Bloch Bunny Hop ballet shoes or Blendz skin-toned leather ballet shoes; boys wear black leather ballet shoes.
  • Hair – pulled off the face in a bun or full ponytail with bobby pins, hair elastics, and clips as needed.

We understand that sometimes a dancer may be out of the dress code due to unforeseen circumstances, and we encourage them to attend class anyway. However, dancers not in dress code will receive a reminder to take home. They aren’t in trouble if they receive a note! It’s just a way for teachers to communicate quickly and easily on dress code matters. Our dress code helps:

  • Create uniformity
  • Dancers mentally prepare for class
  • Lets teachers give dance corrections  

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