A Dance Studio Where Oklahoma Dancers Learn Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, & More

Dancing is Our Life

Our passion for dance and our dedication to teaching a younger generation of dancers is part of what sets Velocity Dance Center apart from other dance studios. Our dance studio is lead by teachers who love dance and have spent their lives mastering different dance styles. All our teachers use their dance experience to guide students through the different types of dance we offer.

To us, dancing is not just a series of steps that your child will learn. In our dance studio, the art of dance also helps teach students focus, creativity, and discipline, all of which are essential life skills. Dance also improves understanding, consideration, and appreciation of others – both for their differences and similarities.

Oklahoma City Dance Studio Welcomes All Abilities

Velocity dance studio takes a gradual approach to dance. By following this practice, we teach students the fundamental movements of a dance style before they progress to more challenging classes.

We welcome students as young as two years old. At this age, your child will start with the nationally-recognized Leap ‘N Learn program. Our instructors are certified in the Leap ‘N Learn method, which guides young children in ballet basics in a fun and relaxed setting.

Starting at age three, our little dancers can begin hippity-hop class, an introduction to the movements of hip-hop. By age four, your child can enter tap dance class, where they will learn how to use their feet as an instrument.

Beginning at age six, your dancer will start more formal ballet training as well as the styles of jazz, hip-hop, and tap. From ages seven to 18, our skilled teachers will help your child refine their skills for different dance styles.

Our dance studio is a safe space that embraces dancers of all skill levels. We believe that dance not only energizes the body, it also feeds the mind and spirit. It is a lifelong skill, not merely an activity.

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Every student – from beginning to advanced – receives the same level of attention and opportunity to excel. Enroll to become a part of the Velocity Dance family.