A Dance Studio Offering Jazz Dance for Kids & More

Jazz Dance Classes for Kids Spark Creativity and More

Combining rhythmic movement with popular music and energy, jazz dance classes are a favorite dance style for kids. It combines classical ballet and modern dance techniques with current forms of popular dance and music. Our jazz dance classes are fun and energetic!

What Our Jazz Dance Classes for Young Dancers Are Like

Typically, classes are 45 minutes and include:

  • Full-body warm-up from the head to the toes
  • Isolations where one part of the body moves while the rest of the body remains still
  • Stretches that work the core and strengthen muscles
  • Across-the-floor progressions like the jazz walk, grapevine, turning sequences, and step kicks, leaps, and jumps

Also, classes incorporate several jazz styles, including traditions, broadway, and jazz funk with age-appropriate popular music.

In beginning jazz classes, we focus on teaching several traditional dance steps. Your child will use these foundational movements as they progress in the dance style.

  • Chasse looks like a gallop.
  • Lindy is a side chasse with a ball change at the end.
  • Kick-ball-change involves kicking one foot forward and rocking back on it while shifting the weight.
  • Box step or jazz square makes a box pattern with the feet by crossing over and stepping back, then stepping to the side and front.
  • Pivot turn has one foot staying in place while the other steps forward and pushes off.
  • Pirouette is a quick rotation on one leg while the other leg is in parallel passe.

Dress Code for Jazz Dance Classes

When attending class, we expect students to be in the dress code. For beginning jazz classes, we ask children to wear:

  • Tights (optional for girls) –full-footed skin-toned tights (must be worn over feel in shoes)
  • Attiregirls wear a solid lavender leotard or dance top with black leggings or shorts; boys wear a black or white t-shirt with black jazz pants, black basketball shorts, or black sweatpants.
  • Shoesgirls can choose tan Bloch 401 jazz shoes or Blendz skin-toned jazz shoes; boys wear black Bloch 401 jazz shoes.
  • Hair – pulled off the face in a secured bun or full ponytail with hair elastics, bobby pins, and clips as needed.
  • Dance belt – boys ages eight and older are recommended to wear a dance belt in all classes.

We understand that sometimes a dancer may be out of the dress code due to unplanned circumstances, and we encourage them to attend class anyway. However, dancers not in dress code will receive a reminder to take home. They aren’t in trouble if they receive a note! It’s just a way for teachers to communicate quickly and easily on dress code matters. Our dress code helps:

  • Create uniformity
  • Dancers mentally prepare for class
  • Lets teachers give dance corrections

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