Ballet Dance

Where Your Passion Finds the Right Direction

Explore your passion for dancing at Velocity Dance Center. We offer ballet lessons to learners of the age group 8-18. Our experienced teachers will work with you to develop your passion and skills.

We Take Your Passion Very Seriously & Mold It Into Refined Talent

Ballet is a highly refined and intricate style of dance that requires dedication, hard work, and time to master. Here at Velocity Dance Center, our licensed and experienced instructors guide your kids with an astute understanding of the child’s motor skills, focus, and potential. Our teachers consider your kids’ enthusiasm for ballet and their focus, creativity, and discipline while helping them scale their potential. Let your child learn, shine, and explore their talent for dance.

Ballet Class Curated for Ages 8-18

Does your child love dancing? Give their passion the right direction with a ballet class designed and directed by experienced instructors and a child psychologist. For us, dance is about the joy and accomplishment it brings to each of our students. Our dance lessons are positive, and spontaneous, enriched with encouragement, understanding, and conducive guidance.

From Posture to Turnout We Simplify Ballet 

Ballet is a very old dance form that originated in Italy and later migrated to other countries for its sophisticated and elegant charm. We decode ballet into a simple process, where your child focuses on parts of the process as individual milestones to achieve. From posture to movement, our ballet instructors nurture young talents with understanding, consideration, and hands-on experience.

You will learn step-by-step and master the artistic and refined style of ballet with instructors who understand and appreciate you. This dance form is a fine mix of precision, flow, and flexibility. Therefore, it’s not only about learning but also learning how to do it right. We understand how the slightest incongruency in posture or technique can affect the dancer. That is why our experienced ballet instructors guide students through each step and allow them to improve at their own pace.

Want to Master the Art of Ballet?

We are open for enrollment, so sign up today and let us help you get closer to your dream. Our studio fosters a very positive and safe environment that nurtures your talent for dancing, and your dedication, discipline, and focus. Here, each learner gets individual attention and guidance. We follow your development closely and track your progress each step of the way.

We have curated ballet lessons for 2nd-grade to teenage learners. Join our Oklahoma ballet dance studio today and start your journey with us. Begin your training with a free trial to gain a better understanding and insight before committing to long-term learning.

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