Excitement is building as the recital season approaches at VDC! It’s time to showcase your child’s talents and hard work on stage. To ensure a smooth and memorable experience, we’ve put together some essential tips for parents simply as a reminder, for new dancers at Velocity Dance Center and for those considering joining our studio and are curious about the recital season!

Plan Ahead

Recital Day can be nerve-wracking, so plan the day in advance. Make sure to label your child’s items with their names on them. Set a schedule for hair and makeup, travel time, and rehearsal. Arriving early at the venue allows time to relax, warm-up, and prepare for the performance.

Take Care of Body and Mind

Dance recitals take blood, sweat and tears from all participating people and volunteers to even make it happen. It can be both physically and emotionally challenging, for dancers.  As you prepare for the recital it is important to get lots of rest, to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and electrolyte-replenishing drinks, and to make food choices that energize your body! Being nervous is normal for young dancers. You can implement deep breathing and mindfulness techniques that can help calm nerves and prepare them for a great experience.

Pack Smart

Check your dancer’s garment bag before rehearsals and double before leaving. Keep all your costumes neatly hanging in their garment bag.  Don’t forget extra hair supplies, make-up for touch-ups, safety pins, and bobby pins for emergencies before you check-in. Keep all extra items with a grown-up. We don’t want to lose items backstage. 

Fuel Up Right

Choosing energizing meals and snacks is key to a successful performance. While we should always encourage a healthy and balanced meal, especially leading into recital week, encourage your child to eat food that is nourishing and will give their body energy. Choose a meal rich in healthy carbs, proteins, and fats. Opt for options like eggs, fruit, grilled chicken or fish, brown rice, and vegetables. Avoid fried foods, sugary snacks, and overly caffeinated beverages that can lead to upset tummies, energy crashes and jitters.

Embrace the Moment

Above all, remind your child to enjoy the experience and have fun! This is their time to shine, to showcase their passion, skills, and all of their hard work. Encourage them to give it their all and leave it all on the stage, be kind to themselves and others before and during the performances, but to also soak in the applause from the audience! 

With these tips, you’re well-prepared for an unforgettable dance recital experience at Velocity Dance Center. Remember, preparation is key—pack smart, plan ahead, eat well, prioritize self-care, and most importantly, have fun! Our recitals celebrate your child’s dedication to dance, so let’s make every moment count this upcoming recital season. Check out our recital info site for more recital tips!