In today’s world, the environment in which our children learn is so important, and dance is no exception! Regardless of whether your child is taking dance class in-person or online, the need to continue building community and connections is still important. All children want to have a sense of belonging and accomplishment, and dance helps bring this to life!

At our studio, Velocity Dance Center, we’re taking the extra steps to ensure a safe environment that minimizes risk and maximizes happiness! We’ve adjusted our in-person classes to ensure lower class numbers, safe distance between our dancers, and no personal contact. We’ve also invested in additional technology that allows any dancer to participate in class virtually if that is their family’s preference.

We are committed to providing an experience that best supports the well-being of our dancers—mentally, emotionally and physically. While we aren’t able to see into the future, we are able to offer a safe space for dance- an outlet for our children that allows them to manage stress and grow their resilience. We believe it will help their overall health!

With all the changes this year has already thrown at us, our dancers are accustomed to changes in their lives—wearing masks, social-distancing, and how much more important hand-sanitizer has become! We’d like to remind them that although not always easy or ideal, these changes are valuable so that we can all continue moving forward in the safest way possible! We want to make sure that they know their hard work and dedication matters! A sense of comradery and teamwork among their peers is a great example of how dance allows kids to better comprehend their circumstances.

In addition to that, our dancers are being taught how to express their emotions through movement. It’s sometimes difficult for a child to articulate their feelings, yet through dance, they can express with their body what can be hard to otherwise verbalize. We dance from our hearts first and believe every child should be afforded the opportunity to express themselves in this way.

We hope you continue to see the growth and positive influence dance has on your child’s life during this year. At Velocity Dance Center, healthy classrooms—both in-person and online—equals happy kids. We are so delighted and grateful to continue to bring dance into our students’ lives during this time!