Summer is here, and I know it can be a challenge to keep the kids busy and away from screens. If you’re looking for a fun, active and healthy outlet, Mini Dance Sessions at Velocity Dance Center is a great option – for both boys and girls. These 4 to 5-week programs are perfect for keeping kids active, engaged, and on a little routine that makes a big difference.

Building Good Habits

You know how kids can fall out of their school-year routines during summer. Suddenly, it’s late nights, junk food, and way too much screen time. Our mini dance sessions help maintain a tiny bit of structure with shorter classes that keep them moving and having fun. It’s a great way to ensure they stick to healthy habits.

Getting Them Moving

We all want our kids to stay fit and healthy. Dance is such an amazing way for them to exercise without feeling like it’s a chore. Whether it’s ballet or hip-hop, these classes get their hearts pumping and bodies stretching in the best ways.

Making New Friends

Dance classes are a fantastic way for kids to make new friends and build social skills. They’ll interact with other kids outside of their normal school friends, work on group routines, and learn to communicate and collaborate. It’s a friendly and inclusive environment where everyone supports each other.

Learning Discipline and Focus

Dance isn’t just about fun – it’s also about discipline and focus. Committing to a mini session means they’ll learn to follow instructions, practice regularly, and strive to improve. These skills are super valuable, not just in dance, but in everything they do.

Expressing Themselves

One of the best things about dance is how it allows kids to express themselves. They get to be creative, tell stories through movement, and really let their personalities shine. It’s amazing to see how much confidence and joy this brings out in them.

Our final mini session starts next week, so why not give it a try? You’ll be amazed at how much they’ll grow and thrive!  Ready to sign up? Click here! Trust me, they’ll love it, and so will you! 💗