If you’re looking for a dance class to put your child in, you’ve likely considered adding hip-hop classes to the list. While you might be hesitant to enroll your child in a class that focuses on street dance styles, there are actually many benefits that come along with having your child in a hip-hop class.

Read on to learn more about what hip-hop classes can teach your child besides a great dance style.


Like any dance class, hip-hop classes offer children a great source of exercise. In today’s society, children are spending more time sitting in front of screens and less time being physically active, and being in a dance class can change that. Hip-hop classes provide a fun and engaging way for children to get moving and stay active. The dance moves and routines help children develop coordination, strength, and endurance. Add to that the cardio workout that comes along with hip-hop dancing, and you’re fostering good heart health and healthy habits that will benefit children as they grow.

Social Skills

In addition to the physical benefits of hip-hop classes, they also help children develop social skills. Children in hip-hop classes learn to work together as a team and develop a sense of community. They learn to communicate with others and build friendships with children who share similar interests in an environment that’s safe to do so in. This can help children develop a sense of belonging and self-confidence.


Dance is a natural creative outlet for anyone, including children. Dancing allows children to express themselves and use their imaginations to create unique routines. They can explore different dance styles, experiment with new moves, and express themselves in a way that is not always possible through other activities. This can be especially beneficial for children who may not be as interested in more traditional forms of creative expression, such as painting or drawing. Soft-spoken children might also find dance to be a great way to express themselves physically

Discipline and Focus

Hip-hop classes can be an easy way for children to develop discipline and focus. Learning new dance routines requires concentration and attention to detail. Children must pay attention to their instructors, follow directions, and practice regularly to improve their skills. This can help children develop self-discipline and a strong work ethic that will serve them well in other areas of their lives, such as school or sports.

Positive Body Image

In a world where children are bombarded with images of unrealistic body standards, hip-hop classes promote a healthy and positive view of body image. The dance moves are designed to celebrate the body and encourage children to appreciate their unique physical attributes. This can help children develop a positive self-image and avoid some of the negative effects of body shaming.


Hip-hop classes can be a lot of fun for children. The music and dance routines are upbeat and energetic, and the classes provide a positive and supportive environment for children to learn and grow. Children who participate in hip-hop classes often look forward to their weekly classes and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they master new dance moves.


Velocity Dance Center offers great hip-hop classes for children aged 3–5 (hippity-hop) or 6–18 (hip-hop). Try a free trial class and see if your child enjoys the dance style. Sign up your child for a dance class today and see the benefits your child gains from it yourself!