Positive Body Image

Dancers learn that each body is created differently.  Every dancer’s body has special qualities that make each dancer unique and beautiful!

Strong Work Ethic

Dance shows kids that they can be successful at anything through hard work, discipline, and focus.  It takes many years of work to perfect and master the art of dance.  Dancers learn perseverance and discipline to be successful adults through their dance training.

Caring Friendships

Dance creates life long friendships with others who have similar goals, dreams, and work ethics.  Dancers create a close group of friends who are there to support them through the ups and downs of life.  The bonds of dance friendships go far beyond the classroom.


Performance opportunities give dancers a chance to shine on the stage.  Dancers learn to perfect their choreography, the courage to be in front of an audience, and to share their joy with others through their performance.  The process of putting together a performance give dancers pride in their work and confidence in their abilities and themselves.

Self Expression

Dance class gives dancers a safe place to express themselves in their own unique way.  Dance also relieves anxiety by providing a creative outlet and safe place to release negative thoughts and feelings.