The fast-paced and fun environment of a hip hop class is perfect for helping your child to improve their strength, stamina, and confidence. With its origin in the 1970s, this dance style is a way for kids to stay active and give them a physical outlet for pent up energy.

Increases Strength and Flexibility

Hip hop is a full-body workout that challenges the body with intricate steps and quick movements like twisting and acrobatics. These movements can help increase a dancer’s flexibility, give them better balance, improve their coordination, and build muscle.

As they master the dance style, your child’s confidence will grow, and they will find new ways for creative expression.

Promote an Active Lifestyle

Some kids seem to have endless energy, and hip hop dance helps them release energy productively and healthily. Dancers pop, lock, and crump as they move to the beat of modern hip hop music. Encompassing various styles of street dance, you will find influences of break dancing and even jazz dancing in the movements. Hip hop dance has both small and large actions that take time and dedication to learn. Because of its modern music and cool moves, young dancers naturally gravitate to this dance style, and once they are introduced to the steps, many are hooked!

Hip Hop Builds Self-Confidence

Being a part of a  dance class helps your child meet other kids with similar interests. Performing in recitals for family and friends, students will build self-confidence as they master hip hop’s tricks and style. The dedication needed to learn the dance techniques can help instill a strong work ethic that your child can use every day.

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